Our Amazing Houseguest

Having a houseguest can sometimes be pure joy. That’s the case with Zeek and me right now. His Mom, from Amman, Jordan, is visiting with us. Her smiling, happy face and tinkling laughter make our house even happier than ever. We laugh together as we share memories and tell stories. And don’t forget, she prepares amazing meals for us! She loves walking about in our garden every morning and has taken on the task of watering the flowers.

The lush, green landscape both awes and overwhelms her. Coming from a nation dominated by desert, she is quite unused to the vegetation here. The amount of water we use on a daily basis is somewhat shocking to her, and even more so when we tell her of the low cost of using all that water.

Most of all, I think, she loves spending time with her son after a nearly five-year separation. Even though they speak on the phone daily, nothing quite takes the place of being together physically. My new favorite pastime is sitting back, watching their interaction. It delights my heart.

Last weekend, we took her to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit the aquarium. It was a quick trip, but one she enjoyed immensely. As a result, we enjoyed it even more because she was with us. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more travels with Zeek’s Mama.


In the Butterfly House


Bored Shark


She didn’t care for this ol’ fella at all!


Late lunch at City Cafe. Lovely food and great service!


Under the flags on Tennessee River


And finally, our newly naturalized citizen!


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