New Yesterdays – Ms Lawrie’s Review

Eleanor Lawrie, author of The Complete Adventures of Shelby F Squirrel and Friends and The Great Forest Caper read  New Yesterdays a while back and gave it a five-star rating.

Here’s what she had to say: “A unique take on history is presented in this very interesting tale as it sheds light on a particularly horrendous part of the USA’s history, the treatment of the native people, in this case the mighty Cherokee Indians.

Travelling back in time by sheer accident, and boyhood curiosity, takes young Jim into the arms and friendship of the tribe which lived over 100 years ago in his own area. When he shares the history he’s learned in school they decide to act upon it to save their people.
It’s a great read for many reasons: excellent writing, believable characters, tons of action, and the need to know the outcome, both for the Cherokee and their affiliated tribes, and for Jim who has to decide what to do about his own future.”

You can find any of these lovingly crafted, and infinitely readable books simply by clicking the links embedded in the titles above. Oh, and happy reading!


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