Books and iPads and Kindles and Nooks… and BOOKS!

Technology is a grand thing altogether, isn’t it? I love reading books on my iPad.  There are other electronic readers out there; Kindle comes to mind. I can find books long, long out of print and download them, often free, in many formats like ePub for my iPad, Mobi, PDF and the list goes on.

The electronic reader is so versatile and convenient. I have hundreds of books at my fingertips, no matter where I am, without the need for lugging a bag-full of printed matter.

I said all that to say this. No matter how marvelous the electronic reader, there is nothing like the heft of a book in my hands. And the smell! Which of you smells your books? A new book has a crisp, fresh odor of virgin paper and ink while an old book has the warm, delicious aroma telling of the passage of time. The brittle, yellowed pages send tantalizing sensations upward from my fingertips as I pause to wonder how many fingers have turned these hallowed pages.

Bookshelves are a necessity for our ever-growing collections, aren’t they? Where do you store your books? Are they neatly arranged, perhaps alphabetically, in even rows like soldiers awaiting the call of duty? Or, are they haphazardly tossed here and there on shelves, tables, pianos, and windowsills? I rather like the idea of books being scattered about in every room of the house. No matter where I am, I can pick up an old friend and read a few lines, or a few pages.

I stumbled across this site, Bookshelf Porn, a few days ago. I’ve revisited it several times to marvel at the books and bookshelves pictured there. I’ve added a few to this post, but to really indulge yourself, go on over to Bookshelf Porn and gaze in awe and wonder. Who knows, if you’re anything like me you might even pick up a few ideas for storing your books.

By the way, there’s no actual porn at this site…

And, here’s a little something that will add beauty and grace to your own bookshelf! Just go to be taken on an adventure you won’t soon forget!



About Ol' Big Jim

Ol' Big Jim, has been a storekeeper, an embalmer, a hospital orderly, a medical biller, and through it all, a teller of tall tales. Many of his stories, like his first book, New Yesterdays, are set in his hometown of Piedmont, Alabama. For seven years, he lived in the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Amman, Jordan where he spends his time trying to visit each one of the thousands of Ammani coffee shops and scribbling in his ever-present notebook. These days, you can find him back stateside, still filling notebooks.
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2 Responses to Books and iPads and Kindles and Nooks… and BOOKS!

  1. Sisyphus47 says:

    Great post! I love books and shelves 🙂


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