A New Adventure

Today, a ripe, fully aged, decrepit ol’ man begins a new part-time job. It’s rather intimidating to be beginning again after all these years, doing something I know little about. On the other hand it’s exciting; a new adventure!

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Beginning today I’ll be handling and processing medical specimens. Not surgical tissues this time, but blood and other bodily fluids. I will be part of the team that gets them ready to transport to the main lab in Memphis, Tennessee. There. You now know as much about the new job as I do.


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I’ll be meeting and getting to know new people. Most of them, I expect, will be quite nice and will become treasured parts of my tiny circle of friends. Perhaps they’ll even become grist for my blog, or characters in a new book?

This new job I’m going to is with an international company. Yep. Headquarters are in Sydney, Australia!

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Picture credit: Sonic-cgs facade

Wish me luck as I prepare for another adventure, pushing me inexorably toward my final retirement! Mentioning retirement, how about hopping over to Amazon to get a copy or three of New Yesterdays to augment my semi-retirement income? With each book sold, I am getting the princely sum of around 35 cents. To quote an old and dear friend, it’s “better than nothing, but not much”! Thanks so much for coming by today!



About Ol' Big Jim

Ol' Big Jim, has been a storekeeper, an embalmer, a hospital orderly, a medical biller, and through it all, a teller of tall tales. Many of his stories, like his first book, New Yesterdays, are set in his hometown of Piedmont, Alabama. For seven years, he lived in the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Amman, Jordan where he spends his time trying to visit each one of the thousands of Ammani coffee shops and scribbling in his ever-present notebook. These days, you can find him back stateside, still filling notebooks.
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4 Responses to A New Adventure

  1. Caz Greenham says:

    Well, our Jim.
    I see the date 1st April. I ask myself is this April Fool… not sure.
    If you are heading in to a Brand new venture, then I sure do wish you lots of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ol' Big Jim says:

      Thank you, our Caz, it’s no April Fool joke, It really is a new adventure. After my first night, though, I’m asking myself how much of a challenge it’s going to be. Nevertheless, I’ll stay until my full retirement age rolls around I reckon. After more than 40 years of working in jobs I loved, I just hope that it will have been a job that I at least liked!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Caz Greenham says:

    Jim, you will do amazingly well. How far is it from your home? Thinking about your daily travelling. Hope not too far.
    Massive best wishes from Brixham. You’ll rock ‘em.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ol' Big Jim says:

      My commute will be about 45 minutes. That’s huge when I consider I haven’t commuted longer than 10 minutes since 1990! Thanks for the good wishes, Caz!


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